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Therapy Dogs

  • How does my dog become a therapy dog?

Your dog must pass the PAT test (Public Access Test), an assessment of 15 requirements. One of our trainers will be in attendance to help guide you along the process and sign off the 15 skills.

  • How long does training a therapy dog take?

The training period varies between dogs and their pre-existing training, if the dog in question is already well behaved and can perform the basic commands for the PAT test they may only need 1-2 training sessions to refine the skills. Training sessions last a couple of hours, once a week. 

  • What's the price for a therapy dog qualification?

If the dog in question only needs 1-2 training sessions, then the training will cost £150, however, 2+ training sessions cost £300, this includes the training sessions, the insurance under green cart farm, a personalised harness and a dog training puzzle box.

  • Where can I take my therapy dog?

Your licenced therapy dog whilst always on a lead and in the control of its handler can be taken into community centres, schools, hospices, and assisted living centres. 

  • What days can I come to training?

Thursdays and Sundays are 1 on 1 appointment training days, these sessions are purely 1-hour long intense training to iron out any issues that you may be having or to use as your PAT assessment.

Assistance Dogs

  • How does the process work?

Firstly, after filling out an application or speaking to a practitioner and a dog trainer you may be invited down to the training centre for an introduction to the team and dogs and some questions regarding what you would need from us and this program. After another interview or two, we would let you know if we think our program could help you and potentially offer you a place. 

After assessing what your needs are and recommending a breed of dog that would best suit you we reserve a puppy for you in a current or up and coming litter. After the trainers have identified suitable puppies for the assistance programs you are invited to come and meet the puppies and figure out which puppy you bond with. Once the puppies are ready to leave you take them home! 

  • What is the training process?

In their two-year training process, they will learn the 10 basic puppy commandments (a baseline for a well-behaved dog and all additional assistance dog work), the PAT test (an additional 15 commands needed to be a qualified therapy dog) and then your personalised tasking commands (commands unique to you that will help aid and benefit your family). The service tasking, a year of training designed specifically to mitigate the disability.

  • How long does training an assistance dog take?

The full assistance dog training period spans 2 years and consists of 2 mandatory training sessions per month alongside any additional training sessions you feel you need. 

  • What's the price for an assistance dog qualification?

The two-year assistance dog training costs £2,500, this is outside of the cost of the purchase of the puppy.

  • How long does getting an assistance dog take?

Once given a place in the assistance dogs program and determining what breed is best for you the wait time can vary from a couple of weeks to a number of months. Thanks to our amazing stud dog Reggie we usually have a number of litters on the go, but it all depends on when you are joining the program and the breed of dog you are getting. 

  • What breed is best for me?

For general assistance dogs, we usually recommend Labradors or Golden Retrievers as they have a high level of intelligence for training and a strong bond with their owners. For disability assistance we have Bernese Mountain dogs as their breed can pull wheelchairs and weights over 1,000 pounds. The breed all depends on your unique needs and we will help decide on a breed that will best benefit you. 

  • What days can I come to training?

Training days include Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Saturdays are social training days in which families are welcome to join. From 11-3, this is a good opportunity for the puppies and children to socialise with each other and to ask any questions to the trainers. 

Thursdays and Sundays are 1 on 1 appointment training days, it is preferred that only the handler or the handler and child attend these sessions. These sessions are purely 1-hour long intense training to iron out any issues that you may be having.