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We sponsor 80% of the costs of the Assist Dog Training Program, you must purchase the puppy and fund raise for the remaining 20% which can be paid interest free in 12-24 monthly instalments.

We have additional sponsorship for low income families on a sliding scale.

We offer further sponsorship to CAMHS Intervention team and SEND school referrals on a sliding scale.

If you have a dog or puppy that passes our assessment it is possible to join the program with your family dog.

If you are looking to volunteer to visit schools and hospitals with a dog please join our THERAPY DOG PROGRAM CLICK HERE

Assistance/Service and ASD/Companion Dogs are trained to work with one person.
Facility and community dogs are trained to work with many people in classroom or community settings.
Therapy Dogs are friendly dogs trained to visit hospitals libraries and community centres.
The costs do not include the puppy/dog which can cost between 1000-2000
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Assist Dogs Corwall  

The Children's Clinic for Cornwall

Reg. Charity #1109114