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Green Cart Farm - Assist Dogs


Green Cart Farm has been making hand poured candles in Cornwall for 14 years. The workshops are on the company farm where the plant waxes and essential oils are grown and harvested, blended and boiled, coloured and moulded into natural lights.

Bayberry, soya and palm waxes are melted in giant boilers with ochras, cobalts and natural oxides. Pure essential oils are added to the molten mix before hand pouring into a variety of molds. Pillars, squares, triangles, tapers, globes and floaties are just a few of our shapes from tea light size to 5 feet tall.

Dipping, pouring, rolling and carving are skills acquired over the past ten years. In 2002 we developed the worlds first free standing transparent candle, made from a secret mix of nut oils and palm wax.

Classic ecrus, sunflower yellows, purples and fuchsia pinks make the workshop a kaleidoscope of colour. Pouring pots, candle wick, molds, wooden benches and floor are splashed with layer upon layer of scented wax. The spilt wax drippings and chippings are mixed with dried herbs and flowers to make our famous long lasting potpourris.

Once the candles are poured and cooled they are cut by hand with chisels making uniformity and standardization and impossibility. Mottled texture, rough edges and colour variation join forces to create our imperfect, unique, made by hand look.

The company's heart and soul, skill and know how, first, foremost and best product line is and will always be candles.





Our Bath & Beauty products, scented herbal potpourris, natural cosmetics, perfumes and aromatic range are blended and tested in our old world laboratory.

Apothecary jars filled with herbs, oils and resins, Drawers of petal dust, salts and barks. Beakers, scales, stirrers and stills are the traditional tools required to extract and mix the natural, organic and exotic ingredients grown on our Herb Farm.

Heady aromas from rose petals, seaweed, lemon balm leaves and frankincense resin. Steaming stills extracting lavender, chamomile and jasmine oils. Vats of shea nut butter, olive oil and bees wax are all essential for natural handmade soap.

Our exotic perfumes, herbal remedies, natural cosmetics and essential oil blends combine the old charm of cure all concoctions with tried and true recipes.

Vintage labels, authentic glass stoppers, green glass globes and secret potion books complete the alchemist atmosphere of our Apothecary giving our product lines a medieval, mystical and magical quality.


In 2004 Green Cart expanded onto a 26 acre farm in Lostwithiel, Cornwall in order to expand into growing and processing organic essential oils, floral waters, plant wax and dried herbs.

Rose Geranium. lavender, chamomile, rosemary, peppermint and lemon balm are the primary crops with ongoing trials in rose, jasmine and sweet violet. Bayberry trees are used as windbreaks and shade for delicate herbs and the bayberry foliage is chopped-up and boiled to make natural wax.

The field herbs are propagated in poly-tunnels from cuttings and seed, planted out then harvested within 1 to 3 years. The distillation is done with mobile units in the fields as the plant matter is cut and collected. It takes one hundred kilos of lavender flowers to produce one kilo of essential oil.

The diversity of activity on the farm ranges from propagating, planting, weeding, harvesting, distilling, candle making, soap making and cosmetic blending. We opened the farm to the public in May of 2013 and have now opened our farm shop and tea rooms which sells our entire line onsite.

With the success of the crops we have designed and developed a new range of all natural, organic cosmetics, essential oils, candles, potpourris and herbal products that are sold through our farm shop, at national exhibitions and on our website.

Growing, extracting and enhancing natures liquid gold-essential oils is our definition of:

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